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10 Major causes of Endometriosis



10 Major causes of Endometriosis

Although the precise cause of endometriosis is not identified, female hormones, particularly estrogen has a very important role to play. Back flow of menstrual debris, an overactive immune system, a family history of endometriosis, and a history of abdominal or pelvic surgery are alternative possible causes. women who menstruate before 11 or have a cycle shorter than 27 days and heavy, long periods are in danger.


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Endometriosis could be a disease that affects the female reproductive system. It’s caused by the endomentrium (the tissue that unremarkably lines the uterus) growing outside the uterus. according to, though the reason behind the disease is unknown, researchers are becoming close to deciding what the possible triggers are.

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Here are ten major causes of endometriosis:

1. Metaplasia

When normal tissue changes to abnormal tissue, metaplasia happens. There are times when the endometrial tissue will, in some cases, replace other types of tissues outside the uterus.

2.Immune dysfunction

It is thought that, for some girls, their immune system isn’t able to drive back endometriosis. many ladies with endometriosis seem to possess reduced immunity to other conditions. it’s not proverbial whether or not this contributes to endometriosis or whether or not it’s as a results of endometriosis.

3. Genetic disposition
There is a genetic link in first-degree relatives, so family history may well be one of the reasons ladies develop endometriosis.

4. Genetic Reasons Or Birth Abnormality

There is a very robust possibility that endometriosis is genetically inherited since a family history of endometriosis causes you to makes you likely to possess it.9 Studies are still exploring precisely how endometriosis is also passed on from mothers to daughters. Some researchers additionally believe that endometriosis could be a birth abnormality where endometrial cells develop outside the uterus in a female fetus. Later in life, once this female child starts her period, these cells become painful lesions.

5. Surgery in the Abdomen Or Pelvis

Surgical procedures will sometimes cause endometriosis. for instance, if a lady has had endometriosis undergoes surgery in the abdominal or pelvic area (including a C-section), she might have some endometriosis implants attach to the surgical incision. that might cause endometriosis in the surgery scar later in life.

6.Lymphatic or circulatory spread

Endometriosis tissue particles are thought to somehow travel around the body through the lymphatic system or in the blood. this could explain why it’s been found in areas such as the eyes and brain.

7. Environmental influences

Environmental factors might trigger endometriosis. many studies point to toxins as causative to the development of the disease. These toxins will have an effect on the immune system’s response and reproductive hormones.

8. Transformation Of Cells Outside The uterus

Researchers believe that sometimes cells outside the uterus modification and become just like the cells that line the uterus. that’s how endometriosis happens in unexpected sites such as the thumb or the knee.12 but why this happens is yet beyond medical science’s understanding.

9. Movement Of Cells

Another reason attributed to endometriosis in other body organs such as the lungs is that the cells from the uterine lining travel through the lymphatic system or blood vessels and fix to those parts

10. Hormones Like Oestrogen

It is clear that estrogen is the hormone that contributes to endometriosis. a long exposure to oestrogen may result in oestrogen, as in cases of obesity, short menstrual cycles, and early-age menses. Receptors in endometrial cells bind to oestrogen and another necessary hormone progesterone, both of which promote growth and thickening of the uterus. And once these cells attach to body parts and organs outside the uterus, and hormonal functions continue, it ends up in scarring and haemorrhage.



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    10 Major causes of Endometriosis – Endometriosis

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    10 Major causes of Endometriosis – Endometriosis

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    10 Major causes of Endometriosis – Endometriosis

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    10 Major causes of Endometriosis – Endometriosis

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    10 Major causes of Endometriosis – Endometriosis

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