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Is Multicystic mesothelioma caused by endometriosis?


Is Multicystic mesothelioma caused by endometriosis?

Multicystic mesothelioma was described as a benign neoplasm in most reports. But, whether or not it’s neoplastic or reactive continues to be debatable. though multicystic mesothelioma is usually accompanied by endometriosis, histologic findings of the lesion with endometriosis haven’t been well documented.


In this report, two cases of multicystic mesothelioma with endometriosis were studied histologically. the primary lesion consisted of multiple cysts having skinny walls lined with single-layered cubiform mesothelia, and within the cystic walls, little foci of endometriosis were found.

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The second lesion was next to the endometriotic cysts within the pelvic space. These histological findings recommend that endometriosis greatly contributes to the origin of the lesions. in addition, from the review of the literature, cystic mesothelioma was divided into two categories, that is, neoplastic or non-neoplastic lesions.

Differentiation of each disorder can be attainable by the following: size of the lesion, macroscopic and microscopic solid proliferation, features of an adenomatoid tumor, and common mesothelioma-like histology. lastly, multicystic mesothelioma accompanied by endometriosis is believed to be a secondary non-neoplastic lesion induced by adhesion or inflammation rather than a neoplasm.

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